Principal and Founder

Robin McDonald


B.Eng Civil Engineering
EMP Engineering Management

    MBA Corporate Finance

AI: Implications for Business Strategy

Professional Memberships:


A finance specialist and former principal engineer with Parsons Corporation and Turner Construction, among others, he amassed a valuable blend of infrastructure engineering, construction management and risk management experience working on such notable infrastructure projects as: ​

  • Channel Tunnel Rail Link – the 1st high speed rail line connecting the UK to continental Europe

  • New Jersey Nets Sports Arena

  • World Trade Center Redevelopment

  • Freight railway and mine expansion in a harsh geographical environment in the West Indies

  • Disaster recovery in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake ​

Robin's career began as an engineer in the UK and progressed rapidly as the projects increased in scope and complexity across broad construction sectors. By employing rigorous financial controls, risk mitigation strategies and a big picture leadership style, he ensured project delivery on time with cost reductions of as much as $100M, as well as untold sums in cost avoidance. ​

Robin was also Co-founder of EZpark (2010), a cleantech start-up, established from a cohort at the Clean-tech Executive Program at NYU-Poly. Ezpark illustrated a high level of engagement with scientific relevance, to harvest real-time vehicular parking information that ultimately led to reduced parking congestion.

Robin's extensive overseas travel for both work and mountaineering (a passion) has enabled him to understand different cultural work ethics, be politically astute, and highly adaptable. He is known for his ability to tackle and resolve highly challenging business problems with ease. 


Robin approaches his work with entrepreneurial enthusiasm and commitment to the public good as a principled, innovative leader and engaged member of the global community. Through rigorous application of his skills and natural ability to lead and problem solve, his work has driven beneficial changes for people and communities in need.

  Civil Infrastructure, Mining and Real Estate Projects



Educational Experience



Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Executive Program. Artificial Intelligence: Implications For Business Strategy

NLP, ML and Robotics in the context of business strategy, integrating key AI management and leadership insights.

Robin McDonald, CEO, Canelle, Project Advisory, Asset Management, Risk Management, NYU, New York University, Stern School of Business, EMBA


New York University,
Stern School of Business. Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

Specializations: Corporate Finance and Financial Instruments & Markets

Robin McDonald, CEO, Canelle, Project Advisory, Asset Management, Risk Management, NYU Poly


New York University,
Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Clean Technology Executive Program, Department of Technology Management

Robin McDonald, CEO, Canelle, Project Advisory, Asset Management, Risk Management, University of Bath, EMP, Advanced Enginering


University of Bath,
Advanced Engineering Management Partnership (EMP)

Post-Graduate Advanced Engineering Management, Engineering Management Partnership (EMP)

Robin McDonald, CEO, Canelle, Project Advisory, Asset Management, Risk Management, UCL, University Colleg London, Civil Engineering


University College London

Bachelor of Civil Engineering Degree, Honors Graduate


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Published Work

July, 2015

Root Causes & Consequential Cost of Rework

This paper evaluates the impact of rework on direct and indirect construction cost for project types, project industry, and project size and procurement methods in various categories. By recognizing the impacts of rework and its sources, the construction industry can reduce rework and eventually improve project schedule and cost performance.

March, 2014

Rework Causes And Control (CMAA CM Ejournal)

The critical role of rework must be recognized by the project team. Rework must be discovered much earlier, monitored and controlled to achieve breakthroughs in project cost and to remove much of its program wide disruption, especially the development of time impacts.

September/October 2014

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Curbing Rework Costs

Managing financial and operational risks go hand- in-hand. Given the financial impact of construction rework, a contractor’s finance team can play a key role in minimizing the occurrence of rework to control costs and project delays that carry additional costs including reputational damage.

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